Java's Veterinary Center Boarding Facility

Thank you for choosing to board your pet(s) with Java's Veterinary Center Boarding Facility.  Please read over our boarding policies to ensure that our services match your needs.  Please initial each statement acknowledging that you have read, understand, and accept the terms of these policies.

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*Java's is a CASH OR CHECK ONLY facility & payment for services is due upon admittance of your pet. Make checks payable to Java's Veterinary Center.


*JVC charges $21.60 per day/per pet tax included and $27.00 per day/per pet for pets on a daily regimen of medications. All vaccinations for Dogs DHPP, RABIES and Injectable Bordatella. Cats FVRCP, FELV and RABIES must be current- NO EXCEPTIONS. 


* Drop Off and Pick up days and times will be set up when you call for your Boarding Appointment.


* Boarding Packets also have the information needed to board your pet(s) with JVC,  please call with any additional questions.          





*JVC requires your dog be vaccinated for Bordetella.  This vaccine needs to be given before your pet is boarded. This vaccine prevents the spread of a very contagious disease known as kennel cough. This policy has been created for the safety and protection of everyone’s pets while boarding in this facility.


*JVC also requires that your dog be current on DHPP (Distemper) and Rabies. Cats must be current on FVRCP (Distemper), FELV (Leukemia) and Rabies.  Proof of these vaccines are mandatory, so please check the expiration dates on your shot records and/or obtain these records from your veterinarian BEFORE your arrival. All clients are responsible to have copies of all vaccines when dropping off your pet(s).


*If you have lost your proof of current vaccines, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact your veterinary clinic to get copies of these records BEFORE your arrival.




*All pet(s) coming in for boarding must be flea free and clean. Additional charges will apply if pet(s) have fleas.